So why do I do that?

Those who are striving to improve the quality of their lives, their work, their relationships, have a profound need to first understand themselves. The Enneagram helps people to understand their own motivations and learn to work to their own strengths, encouraging the same in others.  

The Enneagram (the name is from two Greek words – ‘ennea’, meaning 9 and ‘grammos’ meaning something written or drawn) offer profound insights into the ways personality can affect and direct us without our conscious awareness.  This personality descriptor describes 9 distinct personality type, simply numbered 1-9, each one driven, subconsciously, by the need to avoid a particular emotion. 

The Enneagram premise is that personality is inbuilt from conception and remains our type, but is massively influenced by our environment and our upbringing.


A fascinating subject, which we currently deliver through a 2 day workshop programme.

A fresh, modern illustrated book is currently being written on this wonderful topic.

Watch out for more blogs …

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