The Stress Factor…creating calm from chaos…

Stress occurs when the perceived demands placed upon an individual exceed their perceived ability to cope. It’s different for everyone and a situation that may be seen as challenging to one person may cause stress to another.  

Stress can arise from an accumulation of events or situations over a period of time. Everyone responds to pressure differently. What is a challenge to one individual might be an immense pressure to another.

The point at which positive pressure turns to negative stress varies for each individual – which is why it’s sometimes difficult to recognise and manage.

Your own response to pressure will often be determined by your lifestyle, social and professional involvements, age, culture, gender, education and genetic factors. Your state of mind and physical health at the time will also have an influence on the level of pressure that you feel. 


Have you ever been in the situation when you have been trying to come up with a solution to a problem all week, and then bang, in the shower or out walking the dog, you suddenly come up with the solution? When you relax your subconscious mind has helped you create a solution.

Ideas spring up when you are thinking of other things. Even when YOU have stopped thinking about a problem, your subconscious mind is still dealing with it. And when you’re relaxed enough to listen, the inner voice, the subconscious will bring the solution in the shape of an idea.

Think about painters, artists, musicians and writers. When they need inspiration and creativity, they invariably take themselves off to a beach house, the studio or the mountains where they feel relaxed, which inspires them to be creative and productive. We don’t need to be a painter or musician to find our own inner creativity and inspiration, we often just need to learn to relax.

Statistics recently read out at a work life balance seminar stated:

  • In a single day last year, there was as much world trade as during the whole of 1949
  • In a single day last year, there was as much scientific research as during the whole of 1960
  • In a single day last year, there was as many telephone calls as during the whole of 1983
  • In a single day last year, there were as many e-mails as during the whole of 1990.

It’s really no wonder that people struggle to keep up with the sheer pace of change, coupled with the demands now placed upon them.


So what steps are you taking to manage stress and create cam in your chaos…

Thought of wellbeing workshops, seminars or lifestyle coaching?….


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