Focus and direction…where is your journey headed?

In my experience of working with people, a key skill many people struggle with, is time management.

This struggle can create a feeling of overwhelm, which means they are likely to be working extremely hard whilst feeling exhausted. Many people are invariable on the back foot, reacting to what life throws at them, rather than being proactive and taking control.

This reactive approach to life creates stress and an out of control feeling and therefore life can feeling unfulfilling. A proactive approach to life takes discipline and practice. This proactive approach to life and work is build on the need to set goals, forward focus and strategy.

If we don’t have this proactive approach, it can feel like a depressing muddle, running around, working extremely hard, but achieving little – life can feel like a treadmill.

If we aren’t sure where we are headed, we can run around in circles, exhausting ourselves. Take the football team comprising of 5-year olds. How many of us have watched a group of 5 year olds playing football? When the ball is hit, the children are like bees around a honey pot. They forget to pass the ball. Whereas if they worked like a team and aimed for the net, they are more likely to score the goal.

We need to focus on what we want to achieve today, this week, this month, this year this lifetime, so we can direct our energies to the important things, our priorities. Only when we know our priorities, can we truly manage our time effectively, whether that be for work or our personal life.

I often see in a work environment, businesses who are half way through the financial year and still haven’t set clear goals and objectives for the business and their staff. How can people focus on the important things if they are not clear where they should be focusing their attention and energies? It is little wonder targets and objectives fall short of the mark.

Many people do manage to get the important things done in work, but it takes its toll on their personal life, they ‘miss out’ on the rest of life. Remember most people in their twilight years do not say ” I’m glad I spend that extra hour a day in the office!…” Most people don’t regret the things they’ve done, but the things they haven’t, the missed opportunities.

So have you set the journey, do you know where you are headed and do you have a route plan for success?


See for further details around personal coaching and development and for further details about business coaching and development, management training and staff wellbeing.






So we need to have our life goals to set the destination, set the SAT NAV, so we can plan our own journey of life…ensuring we enjoy the journey each step of the way. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, so it is about enjoying the steps along the way.




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