RMT – rhythmic movement training…what is it?

Rhythmic Movement Training is a drug free approach to help physical, emotional, behavioural and cognitive challenges. It is a specialised movement programme for children and adults to develop their visual, auditory, motor, tactile and balance senses. The RMT movements replicate the natural rhythmic type movements that infants make which are necessary to integrate the primitive reflexes.

The Infant Reflexes are responsible for developing and maturing the ‘wiring’ system in the brain that should take place starting in utero and up to 4 years, ready for going into the learning environment to learn with enjoyment, adventure and with ease.

This programme is movement based and natural. It can bring about profound and life-long results.

Who can benefit?

RMT is valuable to anyone who would like to improve any skill or area of their life. It can help those who are struggling, not performing or achieving their highest potential in education, business, sport or the performing arts. It is extremely beneficial to anyone with specific learning difficulties whether they be physical, emotional, social and behavioural or has been assessed with any developmental delays.

How do I know whether RMT can help?

Simple physical checks can be done to assess any retained reflexes. If the person cannot do the co-ordinated rhythmic movements easily by themselves, this clearly shows the different areas of the brain may not be linked up sufficiently. Some people do finds ways of compensating for their difficulties in life but it will require them to put a lot more effort into achieving the success they want and deserve.

see http://www.completeharmony.co.uk for more information

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