And why do I do that? Nature v nurture – how much are we born with our personality and to what extent are we influenced by our upbringing?

Journalists back in May 2014 wrote the following:
“Angelina Jolie believes a child’s personality is already defined at birth-remaining unaltered by the circumstances of their upbringing-and says she has more in common with her adopted son Maddox than with her own genetic children.
The actress and mother of six said motherhood had taught her that children are “…who they are when they are born… “and in the absence of a serious trauma will grow up to be their own person.
Three of Jolie’s children are adopted and she said she was surprised she had more in common with adopted son Maddox than with her own genetic children.
“You think you’d be more similar to the children that you have a genetic link with, but I’m not. Maybe one of them, but then I’m very similar to Maddox.”

Angelina Jolie often plays ‘1’ – type characters in films: her strength is very ‘1’- like, engendering respect through purpose and principle, without fuss or frills.

This observation by Angelina is completely understandable in the context of the Enneagram personality types. The premise of the Enneagram is that we are born with a particular type, it is not genetically predisposed, it stays our core driver throughout our lives. Understanding the personality types described has been absolutely transformational for families who have always known that there were stronger connections and easier interactions between some family members and not others.

Whilst this may previously have brought a great deal of heartache and pain, the Enneagram dissolves all of this in the understanding that the differences are not personal, but personality. Giving children access to this information releases their feeling of being less loved if they are simply operating from a different personality type to others within the family.

Those who are striving to improve the quality of their lives, their work, their relationships, have a deep need to first understand themselves. The Enneagram helps people to understand their own motivations and learn to work to their own strengths, encouraging the same in others.

This fascinating subject we currently deliver through a 2-day workshop programme, receiving fantastic feedback about it power and profound impact.
Our fresh, modern illustrated book called Personality Portraits – The Enneagram Encountered, published through Enneagram Insights Publishing, is now available to purchase. For further details please contact Rachel.

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