Creating calm from chaos…

Learning to relax can help to switch off the stress response, reduce pain, improve sleep patterns and reduce fatigue. It enables a person to think more clearly.

Evidence indicates that our brains are structurally shaped according to how they are used. So, if you are always running from one meeting to another, checking e-mails, voice-messages, making snap decisions, always on the run, the brain will be shaped for task-focused way of doing things. When you then have to take a broader perspective on things, this is much harder to do. You are doing tasks which your brain is not trained to do.

Just ten minutes relaxation a day where you do nothing is proven to have health benefits: helps lower pulse rate, blood pressure and reducing anxiety.

Relaxation exercises forces you to sit and do nothing, without any distractions. It forces you to confront your thoughts, which may be preventing you from relaxing and switching off.

Relaxing is not sitting around being un-productive, it is not unsociable nor uncaring: quite the opposite. When you fit, well and relaxed you are more able to take and deal with things, people problems etc, more productively and effectively.

This slowing down, the valuing of silence the shifting the state from doing to being will have an impact on a person and their performance at home and work. Relaxation enables a person to access a calm state of mind. It helps people appreciate, enjoy and have more control over their daily lives, thinking clearer with improved decision making and judgement, thereby enjoying a greater sense of satisfaction with life.

Remember we are human beings not human doing, we want to be happy, not do happy…

Complete Harmony…helping people feel really good about themselves

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